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Increase ecommerce revenue from your anonymous traffic

Unleash the Power of In-Session Marketing

Gain insight into early purchase prediction without the use of personally identifiable information (PII)

+800 million

attributed revenue growth

+56% lift

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in loyalty membership

+88% reduction

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“Through our partnership with ZineOne we’ve been able to achieve extremely positive results, almost immediately after we launched, in both revenue as well as valuable insights into our customers’ behaviors. Looking forward, we plan to leverage ZineOne’s expertise to obsess over our customers unique journeys and help us make meaningful connections with relevant messaging at exactly the right time.”

Stacey Eddy, Senior Director of eCommerce at KEEN

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Revenue 20







Discover buyer intent for known and anonymous visitors by the 5th click and adjust their experiences in the precise moment while they’re on your site.

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In-Session Marketing

Digital marketing is moving from reacting to consumers after the fact, to reacting to them in the moment, while they engage with the brand

In-Session Outcome Predictions

Harnessing the power of Machine Learning on behavior that is happening in the moment to predict what your visitor will do next. 

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Continuous Experience Optimization

Continuous Intelligence on your visitors’ behavior to experiment at scale and deliver meaningful experiences.

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Privacy-First Experiences

Deliver impactful experiences to your consumers while staying within increasing regulatory compliance

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Discover Intent Within 5 Clicks

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