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Intelligent Engagement at Scale

Engage your visitors in-the-moment with predictive, personalized 1:1 AI-based engagements that delight, drive loyalty and revenue growth.


ZineOne’s Intelligent Customer Engagement platform delivers predictive, personalized 1:1 ‘in-the-moment’ experiences that improve engagement, influence purchases and increase loyalty across all of your channels on a single platform.

predictive marketing

ZineOne: The Next Generation Predictive Engagement Platform

ZineOne enables large enterprises in the retail, grocery, restaurant, hospitality, and banking industries to understand and respond in-the-moment to individual customer activity with a predictive personalized experience while solving the challenge of 1:1 engagement at scale.

Predictive Intelligence Engine:

Delivers personalized 1:1 customer experiences in milliseconds based on the determinations made by the Predictive Intelligence Engine.

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Why ZineOne

Using real-time streaming data processing and event correlation, the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform provides enterprises continuous, ‘in-the-moment’ intelligence about each visitor, based on their real-time behavior, past behaviors, and current environmental variables, and applies AI to instantly deliver a personalized 1:1 experience that truly resonates.

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predictive marketing

Use Cases

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform enables enterprise business users to use the power of AI to optimize 1:1 interactions, at scale.