Deliver relevant, engaging, 1:1 ‘in-the-moment’ experiences that influence loyalty across all channels with the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform.

ZineOne has been selected as a 'Cool Vendor' by Gartner for its AI-powered, real-time personalization platform.

Gartner Cool Vendor 2018

Succeed in the age of the intelligent customer

Using real-time stream processing and event correlation, ZineOne’s Intelligent Customer Engagement platform empowers you to interact with customers based on their ever-changing data at scale, on a single platform.

Here’s how it works:

Unifies Data from
Wherever and Whenever

Combines and processes historic customer data, streaming real-time signals, and a wealth of environmental variables to provide a 360° view of a customer at the point of interaction.

Decides How to Engage with an AI-Based Decision Engine

Transforms streaming insights into relevant actions, with AI-driven personalization of the experience most likely to resonate with that customer in the moment and influence conversion.

Delivers Omni-Channel, Omni-Present Experiences

Continuously delivers these experiences based on where the customer is, which of the multitude of channel is optimal for engagement, and what is most likely to drive satisfaction, sales, and loyalty.

Experience the # 1 AI-powered Personalization Platform

The ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform gives enterprises the ability to analyze data in motion, in context as it is streamed, enabling you to engage customers with immediacy, effectively orchestrating their journey in real-time with the help of Machine Learning capabilities.

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