The most intelligent data platform for the new age of smart customer engagement
ZineOne enables large enterprises in the retail, restaurant, hospitality and banking industries to understand and respond in real-time to individual customer activity, solving the challenge of personalized engagement at scale.

Recognized by Gartner as an official "Cool Vendor", ZineOne applies AI to streaming customer data for real-time event correlation. Our Intelligent Customer Engagement platform provides an 'in-the-moment' view of each customer, then delivers intelligent recommendations to engage them in ways that will truly resonate and in turn drive sales, loyalty, and lifetime value.

More than

100 million

Processing over

5 billion

events each year

100 gigabytes

of data every hour

We help enterprises address the new class of customer engagement challenges.

Today, customers' ever-present digital connections to brands cause heightened expectations with their interactions. Customers—particularly those of younger generations—demand to be known and engaged by brands authentically, in ways that are meaningful and relevant to their personal needs and desires.

It's clear that enterprises require a new approach to customer engagement-one that is intelligent, personalized, and scalable. This is the challenge ZineOne was built to solve. Our Intelligent Customer Engagement platform combines and processes an unprecedented amount of past and present customer data points, then leverages AI to react to customer triggers in real-time and on any channel, engaging each customer at the right time, in the right place, with the right message.

Related to the emerging challenge of personalized 1:1 engagement at scale is the fact that enterprises also face growing complexity from:
  • The sheer number of channels now available for customer interactions
  • The need to create a consistent experience across each of these channels
  • The overwhelming amount of siloed customer data that hinders enterprises’ ability to correlate events or contextualize interactions

We redefine data-driven engagement.

At ZineOne, it all starts with data. Our Intelligent Customer Engagement platform collects and processes three key types of customer data:

Streaming Real-Time Signals

In-the-moment session activity, browsing patterns, transactions, and more.


Real-time customer location, local weather, and other situational data.


Past brand interactions, previous transactions, and historic behavioral patterns.

When combined into a single data stream, these wide-ranging insights provide a 360° view of each individual customer, in the moment of their interaction. This is the basis on which ZineOne delivers personalized engagement. By examining each customer’s current activity, environment, and history, the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform determines their unique and ever-changing ‘influence zone,’ real-time triggers, and predicted intent for optimized engagement.

By applying AI to these deep data insights, the ZineOne platform transforms data into action in just milliseconds, empowering enterprises to deploy relevant messages on customers’ current channels to capitalize on their real-time needs and interests.

We are powering the future of intelligent experience personalization.

As an AI-powered decision layer, ZineOne offers a new, next-gen approach to customer engagement at scale, leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence to deliver the humanized, personal experiences that customers today demand from brands.

AI for Smart, Personal Interactions

It is AI that allows the ZineOne platform to intelligently bridge the gap from insight to action by capturing ‘in-the-moment’ intent and responding in real-time with personalized engagement via web, mobile web, and mobile app channels, orchestrating the messages and experiences customers truly care about.

Machine Learning for Increasingly Effective Engagement

Machine learning capabilities enable AI-powered experiences to become more relevant and effective over time by learning which messages and interactions best apply to specific customers, situations, and events. As it adapts, the ZineOne ICE platform enables enterprises to better engage customers to drive loyalty and sales.

ZineOne: A Single Solution for Personalized, Omnichannel Engagement

At ZineOne, we are proud to be forging a data-driven, innovative path to fully personalized customer engagement at scale. Our Intelligent Customer Engagement platform is the single solution retail, banking, and hospitality enterprises need to engage with customers in ways that will truly resonate, continuously working to increase loyalty, sales, and lifetime value.

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