Increase Transaction Success Rates Across All Your Digital Channels

Today’s hyperonline consumers expect their financial institutions to know them and have value-added interactions with them at any touch-point of their choice. Keep up with your customers’ evolving expectations by delivering in-the-moment, seamless cross-channel and cross-device experiences. Enable the immediacy of analytics, intelligence, and action to increase up to 20% in transaction completions with ZineOne’s real-time and personalized interactions.

ZineOne Digital Banking

A New Paradigm In Digital Banking:

AI Powered Customer Engagement

Digital Transformation in Financial Services

& the Real-Time Customer Journey

See how our customers are using ZineOne’s personalized engagement at scale

ZineOne Banking Offer Use Case

Activity Driven Offers

Provide your customers with in-the-moment relevant information and offers

Customer OnBoarding

Customer Onboarding

Educate your customers as they engage with you with in-the-moment information

Credit Card Driven Actions

Credit Card Driven Actions

Correlate customer location based on credit card activity and interact with them in the moment

Transaction Completion

Form Completion

Help complete transactions cross channel by preserving user context as they move from channel to channel

New product/feature launches

New Product/ Feature Launches

Serve up new inventory, products, and features based on activity

New product/feature launches

Location Based Engagement

Engage with users on location by correlating current location and past activity

New product/feature launches

High Touch Concierge

Use in the moment activity to offer contextual help to users