Increase Conversions by Nudging
On-the-Fence Shoppers on
Bed Bath & Beyond Digital Storefront

Identify these shoppers in real-time and nudge them with an impactful offer while they are still in the same session.
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How ZineOne Can Help Bed Bath & Beyond

ZineOne’s patented machine learning technology can predict if a shopper, known or unknown, is likely to buy, not buy, or on-the-fence. In fact, our solution can do so on the visitor’s 5th click, enabling Bed Bath & Beyond to incentivize the on-the-fence visitor with a personalized offer that nudges them toward a purchase in the same session.

One-Minute Example for Bed Bath & Beyond

Watch the video to see:

  • A shopper visiting your storefront
  • ZineOne determines in 5 clicks if the shopper is on-the-fence (not ready to buy but persuadable)
  • ZineOne nudges them with an incentive while they are still “thinking”

What Results You Can Expect to Achieve

Based on a top 10 U.S. retailer performance

Increase in conversion rate
for on-the-fence shoppers
Increase in overall
conversion rate
Lift in revenue
per visitor
The North Face logo With so many variables in the consumer’s journey, we are excited to be partnering with ZineOne to help us identify the best way to engage, including product recommendations, in real-time, taking into account each site visitor’s unique preferences and way of shopping.

Dave Raggio, Former Sr. Director, Digital Marketing


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