A Customer Experience Strategy to Ring in the New Year Right

By Team ZineOne December 18, 2018

Creating Differentiated Guest Experiences During the Holidays

Holiday parties, vacations, family visits—December is filled with trips and events that often require a night or more at a hotel. But the biggest holiday night-away-from-home comes at the very end of the month: New Year’s Eve.

Less than half of all Americans stayed at home last New Year’s Eve, and with so many resorts, casinos, clubs, hotels, and other venues to choose from, hospitality providers must ensure that their customer experience strategy optimizes guests’ experiences as they ring in 2019—and encourages them to return for 2020’s celebrations, as well. Here’s how your hospitality enterprise can differentiate on this exciting night:

Help Guests Find the Party  

Just because a guest has arrived on-site for New Year’s Eve doesn’t mean they are aware of all the celebrations that your venue has to offer—or where they should go to find them. Hospitality providers with advanced customer experience strategies can leverage mobile apps and location-based push notifications to dynamically guide guests to the experiences they seek. By offering helpful venue maps and even the addresses of nearby destinations that are likely to intrigue guests based on their browsing history and real-time context, hospitality venues can ensure that each guest has a memorable New Year’s Eve.

Make Every Minute Count

As the countdown shows, New Year’s Eve is all about the timing; and guests don’t want to be late. Venues that are able to continually alert their guests to important updates throughout the night—“Champagne toast begins in 10 minutes” or “Exclusive after-party open bar is ending soon”—will not only keep guests engaged, but will also actively incentivize them to take advantage of time-based offers and celebrations throughout the entirety of their stay.

Treat Every Guest as Your Only Guest

Ensuring that your venue is equipped to engage with guests on an individual level is also crucial to a successful New Year’s Eve stay. Hospitality providers can leverage an intelligent Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) to institute real-time, cross-channel personalization based on each guest’s previous bookings, website clickstream, current on-site location, and more. This enables them to surprise and delight guests with targeted offers to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the ways that they prefer—from dancing, to eating, to relaxing, and more.

Make Their New Year’s Eve Stay Seamless

Today’s guests are looking for a seamless New Year’s Eve celebration. That means that while they are booking a stay in a hotel, travelling to a casino, or visiting an exclusive club, they expect be engaged both before and after they arrive—not just during the New Year’s Eve celebrations themselves. With engagement such as helpful travel suggestions and follow-up booking reminders, hospitality providers can take advantage of personalized pre- and post-stay offers to increase the likelihood of creating loyal customers on New Year’s Eve and well into the New Year.

ZineOne’s AI-powered Customer Experience Hub was built for the complex customer engagement strategy needs of hospitality providers, especially on high-traffic nights like New Year’s Eve. Contact us to discover how ZineOne’s CEH can create differentiated guest experiences at your venue.

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