An Ace in the Hole for Customer Engagement

By Team ZineOne October 23, 2018

How Casinos Can Delight Guests at Every Stage of their Stay

Imagine if guests had the power to make accurate predictions in a casino—it wouldn’t take long for them to win big. Likewise, if casinos themselves could accurately predict and anticipate the needs of their guests, the opportunities for business growth would be endless.

This is the reality for casinos that leverage predictive analytics and a data-driven customer engagement platform. For these destinations, delighting guests is no longer just a role of the dice; they use a wealth of customer data to inform engagement strategies that satisfy guests’ evolving needs and powerfully influence customer behavior. This provides a major opportunity to drive diversified casino revenue streams—in fact, only 33% of the Las Vegas Strip’s revenue came from gaming last year, while 67% was derived from growth in food, beverage, hotel, entertainment, and nightlife spending.

Let’s explore how predictive, data-driven customer engagement can occur at every stage of the guest experience—from booking, to arrival, to post-stay interactions—to create a measurable, actionable impact on each and every visitor.

STAGE 1: Piquing Potential Guests’ Interest  

Lisa and her husband are considering a vacation to a destination casino resort. Lisa begins browsing through various websites, keeping an eye out for the table games and live entertainment her husband will enjoy as well as the relaxing spa services she wants to experience. After browsing a particular casino site for a few minutes, her attention is drawn to ads for upcoming shows and an exclusive on-site spa and salon, convincing her that this is the right destination for their trip.
For most guests, considering and researching a multi-day trip to a casino resort takes time. As they visit different sites to compare destinations, their browsing patterns provide a wealth of data about their interests—data can that can be collected and re-purposed by an intelligent customer engagement platform to tailor the web experience to a potential guest’s unique needs. This in-session customization can ultimately play a major role in encouraging guests to choose a particular casino over another.

STAGE 2: Intelligent Engagement for Planning and Booking

Lisa navigates to the casino resort’s booking page to plan and pay for the trip. When she accesses their itinerary planner, there are already pre-filled suggestions on the schedule, such as a massage and facial treatment on Friday, and dinner reservations followed by a show on Saturday night. Pleased, she accepts these suggestions, and even utilizes a pop-up offer for 15% off tickets to another show during their stay.

Planning and booking is a critical juncture in a casino resort guest’s journey, and with the right customer engagement platform, browsing data can optimize the process and greatly increase their spend. By streamlining a guest’s booking experience with predictive, data-driven suggestions and offers that are relevant to their interests, casinos can engage customers in real-time and strategically drive traffic to specific events and attractions within their destination.

STAGE 3: Post-Booking Reminders and Optimized Offers

In the month leading up to their trip, Lisa and her husband receive update emails from the casino resort, including one about a new restaurant opening at the destination. In the email, Lisa sees that the casino has suggested she and her husband make a reservation for two on the second night of their stay. She selects the link to update her itinerary, and a few clicks later, they have secured a spot.

Just because there are weeks or months until a guest actually arrives at the casino does not mean the waiting period has to go to waste.  With relevant data about the guest’s history and itinerary, this time can easily be optimized to not only maintain customer engagement, but to continually drive interest around additional casino offerings. This includes updates about events, entertainment, food, and more—anything that fits into guests’ schedules and is likely to resonate with their preferences.

STAGE 4: Delighting Guests for the Duration of their Stay

Lisa and her husband have finally arrived at the casino resort. As they begin to explore their destination, Lisa’s phone buzzes with a notification: “Welcome, Lisa! Click here to view an interactive map of our casino.” Lisa and her husband use the map to navigate their surroundings and find new attractions. Later, when the day begins to heat up, Lisa receives another push notification from the casino resort’s app: “Lisa, this is hottest day of your trip. Cool off in our resort pool! Click here for directions.”
Now that the guests are on-site, new data points emerge, like location and environmental changes. Leveraging Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) decision-making layers to predictively analyze guest data—as well as location-based services like Wi-Fi monitoring and geofencing—a customer engagement platform is able to determine which messages and offers with resonate most strongly, when they should be deployed, and exactly where guests should receive them for maximum impact.

STAGE 5: Extending the Experience beyond Departure

The day after returning home from their trip, Lisa receives a follow-up email from the casino resort, offering a discount if she books next year’s trip now. When she sees the pre-customized itinerary filled with all the activities she and her husband just enjoyed, plus new restaurant and entertainment offerings that will be available next year, she immediately clicks to start her next booking.

A guest’s experience doesn’t have to end when the leave the casino. With their recent stay fresh in their mind, now is the perfect time for them to book their next visit. By employing actual data from their most recent trip to predict their future interests, casinos can strategically turn first-time visitors into regular guests.

It’s All In the Cards for Casino Customer Engagement

Optimizing customer engagement at every stage of a casino guest’s journey does not have to be a gamble. When interactions are driven by intelligent, predictive data analysis, casinos can be sure that their customer engagement platform successfully drives customers to action, no matter where they may be.

Discover how the ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub leverages real-time stream processing and an AI-powered decisioning layer to ensure that casino guests experience all that your destination has to offer before, during, and after their stay.

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