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By Team ZineOne December 3, 2014
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What happens when you cross WhatsApp with Mayday for an enterprise? Or what do you get when you combine email with SMS?

You get smart mobile messaging that’s real-time, contextual and predictive. It’s a two-way communication that a business can have with its app users, within the app, to offer a smooth frictionless in-app experience.

So, why is this important? Let’s think of this in the context of the Holiday season. Consumers are busy jotting down their wish lists and researching Black Friday deals. Businesses are gearing up for the big sales with marketing offers, festive décor both in-store and online, and a dash of technology.

Thousands of beacons now dot stores to extend a warm welcome with a snapshot of latest discounts for those who enter the store with their smartphones. Mobile payments are in full throttle with 1,050 million m-payment users expected by 2015. Brands are rolling out enhanced mobile apps to make it easier for their customers to research and browse or buy their products, both while in the store or outside.

I have heard that more than 45% of shoppers have expressed their desire to shop from their mobile phone and sure enough, brands want to help fulfill this desire. However, there is one hiccup in this grand plan. Two out of three transactions on Smartphones fail due to poor user experience! It’s clear that unless this issue is resolved, we will not achieve the full potential of the mobile channel for transactional success.

ZineOne’s answer to this problem is smart mobile messaging.

Our sole goal is to make the buyer journey through apps as smooth as possible. We bring brands closer to their users by facilitating conversations within the app, without breaking the bank in support. No more customers struggling through data sync failures, error messages, unresolved questions while shopping on their apps. No more exasperated phone calls and 30-minute wait to connect with a customer support agent. No more 24 to 48 hours delay in receiving an answer via email support. With ZineOne you enter the era of mobile-first customer support where your app users can have their issues resolved in real time … without ever leaving the app.

Let’s take this approach even further to mobile-first customer experience. Consider the following scenarios:

• Suppose you are planning a visit to the mall and have questions about a certain brand that is available in three stores. What if you can message all three stores, get the answer from them while driving to the mall. Now all you need to do is swing by to the store that has replied to you and be done with your shopping in minutes.
• Let’s say you are planning a perfect dinner for your friends. You go to the grocery store and pick up some meat and pasta for the dinner. Hmmm … wondering what kind of wine would go well with this dinner? Why not message the store and get the answer back in minutes from the store’s expert on wine pairing.
• What if you were shopping for a surround sound system from the comfort of your couch one evening. You are in the app for the brand you want to buy, but have some questions about warranty. How about you send them your question within the app and have your answer waiting for you in the message box within the hour.

The possibilities and opportunities to wow your customers are endless. With ZineOne’s smart mobile messaging, a brand has the ability to forge an ongoing relationship with their customers and be there for them every step of the way in their app journey, leaving no question unanswered. The result is a delightful experience, increase in app retention and a healthy boost to mobile conversion rates.

Don’t know about you, but I am in the mood for a quick and easy shopping spree!

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