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By Team ZineOne April 9, 2015

Facebook’s recent announcement to use its Messenger platform as a customer service tool brought out various levels of reactions from the marketplace. Some are questioning if this will spur unabashed promotional posts? Could be. Others are concerned about Facebook eavesdropping on the chit-chat between the brand and the customer and using the data to attract advertisers. Nothing new in that, right? Most are nodding in agreement that the move makes perfect sense in this increasingly omnichannel business world where ease of communication is of essence.

What’s our take on this? For us at ZineOne, Messenger’s entry as the business messaging center validates what we have been saying all along — In-app interactions are the new generation’s tools for customer engagement and success in m-commerce.

However, I would like to add a qualifier here — In-app interactions are a great means of increasing customer engagement … when used in a highly personalized and contextual manner.

Pushing out promotional offers willy-nilly to all those who have opted to receive a brand’s message is bound to backfire. If you annoy customers with random offers, they will just tune you out. Or worse still … “unfriend” you. However, if you offer them something they want, or provide information they are looking for? Now that will definitely get their attention.

In addition, we know from data on open rates that contextual in-app interactions are most engaging. Open rates for emails to customers are less than 10%. Open rates for push notifications to customers are about 30%. Compare this to 60%+ open rates for in-app messages! And Messenger provides you this huge venue to connect with your customers with the form of messages they like. Now how you make these messages relevant is where ZineOne steps in.

Let me explain this further. Today, Everlane is set up to use Messenger at the front end and Zendesk at the back end to track purchases and route customer queries to the right agent, leading to a great customer service experience.

ZineOne can take this a step further in helping brands leverage Messenger to bolster their marketing outreach. With ZineOne’s Real-Time Messaging Platform at the back end, brands can control and route the right message to the right user at the right time based on the customer’s activity and context with the brand. We can help you
draw your customers back to your app, mobile web and website with highly personalized Messenger posts to galvanize your conversion funnel.

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