Monetizing Mobile Moments

By Team ZineOne November 3, 2014

Mobile app experts today know that a sharp increase in the number of app installs is not enough to ride the mobile wave. Acquiring app users costs money and does not ensure the usage or retention necessary to monetize the channel.

So what does it take to succeed in the mobile channel? What is required in today’s new app economy is a highly-personalized, real-time, seamless user experience that minimizes fallout and maximizes successful transactions.

“The commercial success of mobile will hinge on providing seamless support to users while they complete business critical transactions,” says Idil Cakim, VP, Media Analytics Consulting, Nielsen. She co-authored the whitepaper “Monetizing Mobile Moments” with ZineOne.

This whitepaper delves into:

  • The business opportunity presented by mobile apps
  • The importance of redefining existing support paradigms in the new app economy
  • How brands can achieve success in monetizing the mobile channel

Mobile is the most contextually relevant, personalized and continuous connection a brand will have with the customer. Click here to learn how business can seize these mobile moments with their customers … and make the most of them!

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