Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Strategies — Part 3

By Team ZineOne April 2, 2019

From Disconnected to Connected: Omni-Channel Customer Experience Strategies for Streamlined Success

From their phone app to the store aisle, today’s connected consumers expect seamless experiences that unify their buying journeys across every channel they choose. In this blog series, we’ve explored how an omni-channel customer engagement can successfully drive revenue and satisfaction in practice—now, in this final installment, we’re discussing how to enact true omni-channel customer experience strategies.  

In the first two installments of our “From Disconnected to Connected” blog series, we discussed how retailers can drive online customers in-store, and encourage in-store customers to engage online. Now, we’re bringing both sides of the customer engagement conversation together to explore the benefits of onmi-channel customers.

What is an omni-channel customer? These are shoppers who are willing to interact with retailers on both online and in-store channels throughout a single buying journey, depending on what is currently most convenient for them. This multi-channel approach to shopping is gradually becoming the new normal for increasingly-digital customers, and it’s also a step in the right direction for retailers—on average, omni-channel customers spend $93 more than single-channel shoppers. How can retailers encourage the sort of onmi-channel shopping that moves customer journeys forward efficiently? By enacting the right customer experience strategies based on a stream of accurate, in-the-moment customer data.

These omni-channel customer experience strategies include:

1 | Encouraging In-Store Purchases from Online Shoppers

Often, online shoppers add items to their digital carts without successfully completing a transaction. Retailers can use this digital cart data to their advantage while customers are in or near a brick-and-mortar store location, effectively encouraging omni-channel customer experiences that also boost revenue. By deploying a push notification with a special deal or reminder about customers’ online cart items, retailers can empower shoppers to take in-store action based on online browsing.

EXAMPLE: “Mallory: The women’s running shoes from your online cart are now 20% off in-store. Click to find them now!”

2 | Reminding Store Shoppers to Redeem Loyalty Points

In addition to reminding customers about online cart items, retailers can also keep shoppers updated on virtual reward points during in-store and online shopping experiences. Doing so encourages a sense of consistency across digital and physical buying journeys while also encouraging more affordable transactions. Whether a customer is pushed a smartphone reminder about their loyalty points at the point of in-store check-out or served a rewards points pop-up when they land on a retailer’s site, they will be encouraged to consult their points on a regular basis, driving engagement—and purchases—across channels.

EXAMPLE: “Welcome to online shop, Kevin! Redeem the loyalty points you earned in-store to enjoy 40% off any full-priced item.”

3 | Optimizing Online Suggestions for Increased Satisfaction

Whether in-store or online, anticipating a shopper’s needs and suggesting a solution in real-time is an optimal way to encourage omni-channel customer experiences.  This is particularly true in the case of retail inventory; for instance, when online inventory is low compared to what’s stocked in-store, or when in-store selection is limited compared to online options, customers should be made aware in order to ensure satisfaction—and, ultimately, an omni-channel transaction.

EXAMPLE: “José: This jacket is available in your size on our website. Click here to shop now!”

By leveraging continuous customer data to engage shoppers with consistently helpful and relevant content—regardless of their current channel—retailers can rapidly enable omni-channel customer experience strategies that drive ongoing satisfaction and sales.

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