Say Real Time Like You Mean It!

Streaming analytics push big data in the realm of real time The notion of real-time engagement has been talked about for a while and does not hold that much value a a new technology. What does the term “real time” really mean and what is its value proposition to the consumer and to the business […]

Posted by Sona Sharma

CASE STUDY: Strava improves user experience with ZineOne’s real-time notifications platform

Strava, a leading provider of social fitness to athletes all over the world, continuously endeavors to offer its mobile app users a frictionless experience both on mobile and on the web. It was critical for Strava to ensure users’ in-app experience is not compromised due to any lingering known issues, leading to multiple phone calls […]

Posted by Sona Sharma

Real-Time Interactions Critical for Next Generation of Digitization in Financial Services

The financial services industry is facing a digital transformation, propelled by the realization that the best time to win a customer’ attention is when the customer is interacting with the organization … be it on premise, on the web, or a mobile app. We are now at a point where a number of different factors […]

Posted by Sona Sharma

The Game Changer: The Advent of Web Push

As of late last year, browsers are now able to Push notifications to their users, much like native apps have already been doing. This is a game changer for marketers interested in ongoing engagement with qualified customers who visit their website. In the past, the only way to re-engage with those users was by using […]

Posted by Debjani Deb

Going beyond the basics in mobile banking

If there is an industry that understands the value of real-time mobile marketing, it’s the banking industry. Banks are seeing a huge increase in consumer adoption of mobile devices to access their financial information and to conduct various financial activities. This has led to mobile banking become a must-have offering for all financial institutions. However, […]

Posted by Sona Sharma

Unleashing the Power of Event-Triggered Marketing

Multichannel, One-on-One Marketing with Real-Time Interactions The ubiquity of mobile devices is rapidly being complemented with wearables and digital accessories that not only have added screens, but totally new interactions. Yet, it seems that marketers so far have only just scratched the surface in terms of the possibilities of connecting with their customers in meaningful […]

Posted by Manish Malhotra
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