Right message, right time

The difference between an 18 year old and a 36 year old can now be seen by what apps their phones have. While some apps help a teenager listen to music on the go, others help parents make back to school purchases during rush hour traffic. The range of apps available today help reduce time […]

Posted by Shruti Verma

Out of sight, out of mind: A case for mobile engagement on apps

I recently had an unexpected meeting to attend so I opened up my favorite taxi app. Unfortunately, the closest available car was 20 minutes away- rush hour was taking its toll! With no other option, I ended up waiting and reached my destination slightly late. Halfway through my meeting, I suddenly realized – I had […]

Posted by Shruti Verma

Mobile Journey Marketing: Six Strategies to Drive Conversions and Engagement on Mobile

Understanding your customers’ buyer journey is critical to the monetization of the mobile channel. However, every journey is unique and demands personalized experiences from the brand. This whitepaper delves into strategies that will help marketers engage with each customer most effectively throughout their mobile journey by offering: – Predictive experiences – Contextual experiences – Real-time […]

Posted by Sona Sharma

Closing the gap between browsing and transacting on mobile

The ubiquity of mobile devices is now a way of life and businesses have recognized its importance as a channel for brand recognition, customer engagement and revenue generation. This is especially true for retail. According to a recent study by ComScore, U.S. mobile commerce spending jumped 28% in 2014 to $31.6 billion. M-commerce now accounts […]

Posted by Sona Sharma

Making the Mobile Sale: 3 Steps to Increase In-App Conversions

Businesses overall have done a good job of convincing customers to download their apps. However, app installation alone doesn’t guarantee app usage. It certainly doesn’t ensure monetization of mobile apps. Kony, a ZineOne partner, talks about how to to move app users to the next stage in the conversion funnel by focusing on users’ entire […]

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Bring Your Brand Closer to Your Customers on Mobile With Seamless In-App Interactions.

What happens when you cross WhatsApp with Mayday for an enterprise? Or what do you get when you combine email with SMS? You get smart mobile messaging that’s real-time, contextual and predictive. It’s a two-way communication that a business can have with its app users, within the app, to offer a smooth frictionless in-app experience. […]

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