Personalization Housekeeping for the Hospitality Sector

By Team ZineOne September 20, 2020

What Hospitality Providers Should Have in Place to Optimize Real-Time Personalization Efforts

From crowdsourced rentals to boutique inns, the hospitality industry is flooded with alternative lodging options that challenge the traditional model of hotels and resorts. Increasingly, hospitality providers are relying on the power of personalization—especially real-time personalization that can assist guests whether they are in the planning, on-property, or post-trip phase—to stand out from the growing crowd and differentiate their guests’ experiences. In fact, Deloitte found that when hotels demonstrate that they truly know their guests, stay frequency increased by 13%.

Is your hospitality enterprise interested in beginning a journey towards real-time personalization? If so, doing some light housekeeping now can help optimize your progress in the future. Here are the top assets, capabilities, and technologies that can streamline your path to personalization:

  1. Historic Guest Data
    Hospitality providers are experts at handling bookings, managing guests’ requests, and keeping a record of when and where service occurs. As such, they tend to not only have a wealth of guest data but an analytical culture, as well. When properly maintained, this data-driven operational perspective lends itself to real-time personalization efforts. By storing and organizing historic guest data in readily-accessible systems of record, hospitality providers are in a better position to act on these insights in light of in-the-moment guest actions—from online browsing to on-site purchases. This allows them to engage guests with offers that not only relate to their current context but also make sense based on their past preferences. In other words, real-time personalization often begins with historic data optimization.
  2. Digital Booking Capabilities
    When it comes to personally engaging guests in real time, booking is a crucial moment. From suggested add-ons to last-minute deals and loyalty point reminders, this critical juncture is when guests are most receptive to any engagement that can save them money and enhance their experience.
    In order to intervene with the right offer before reservations are finalized, hospitality providers need an optimized digital booking process. This online interface should be easy to locate, simple to understand, and enjoyable to use, all of which can help deter reservation abandonment and enable real-time personalization to answer guests’ last-minute questions, motivate them with a sense of urgency, or up-sell them on additional experience. Personalizing the pre-booking experience of a new customer or an unknown user is more challenging, but not impossible. Insights from the customer’s current and past browse patterns on the hotel website, for example, can be used to deploy offers that resonate and make the customer take action.
  3. A Mobile App
    Like most other service industries, hospitality engagements are increasingly going mobile. In 2018, 49% of direct online bookings were completed on a mobile channel. But providing guests with a mobile application doesn’t just help with booking—it enhances real-time personalization throughout their entire stay.In order to interact with on-site guests in-the-moment to offer them relevant reminders, deals, and assistance, mobile app data is required. For example, by streaming guests’ latest Wi-Fi connections on the app, or tracking their app usage within specific geo-fenced areas throughout a resort, hospitality providers can leverage locational data to personalize push notifications about nearby attractions. It all starts with an optimized mobile application.

The next step towards real-time personalization in hospitality? Engaging with an expert who empowers you to personally engage with guests at every stage of their journey.

ZineOne is an innovative personalization partner transforming how hospitality providers interact with their guests. Our AI-powered Intelligent Customer Engagement platform uses stream processing and event correlation to deliver real-time personalization that makes for memorable, differentiated guest experiences. Learn more about how ZineOne personalizes interactions before, during, and after every stay.

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