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By Team ZineOne September 9, 2015

The difference between an 18 year old and a 36 year old can now be seen by what apps their phones have. While some apps help a teenager listen to music on the go, others help parents make back to school purchases during rush hour traffic. The range of apps available today help reduce time and effort, provide constant entertainment, connect us to the world and even help our kids learn.

However, an app with a good value proposition can fail if it cannot interact smartly with its audience. A retail app with too many pop-up’s can reduce the motivation to make a purchase, just as a complicated app can disengage young users. It is here that having a good interface and user experience can change the game. We want apps which are intuitive and intelligent, giving us information in simple and effective ways and reducing the work we need to put in.

But, what about user experiences with in-app marketing? How does an app conduct in-app marketing which leads to actual conversions? According to the latest insights from the Think with Google team, banner ads are the way to go. A form of in- app messages, banner ads can be very influential for in-app marketing, provided they are well designed and to the point.

The article highlights three rules to follow when creating banner ads- be clear, concise and compelling. These are all great points which reiterate the fact that interaction with app users has to be extremely user friendly. Getting the right message at the right time can convert to an in-app purchase or retain a user. Timing therefore is another important aspect of mobile marketing. Real time, event driven marketing is more personalized and effective by nature. History based or activity based banner ads pull in the user and create higher retention.

To get more insights about how to design banner ads and the importance of creative testing, read the full article by Think with Google here: http://bit.ly/1Pz2luq

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