Seamless Shopping for Dads and Grads

By Team ZineOne May 3, 2019

How Real-Time Personalization Engages Shoppers of Graduation & Father’s Day Gifts

As graduation ceremonies and Father’s Day celebrations approach, shoppers across the country are honoring the dads and grads in their lives with gifts. In fact, both of these big-budget celebrations bring in significant revenue for retailers every year—in 2018, Americans spent $5.2 billion on graduation presents like greeting cards, gift cards, apparel, and electronics. Father’s Day spending reached a whopping $15.3 billion last year, fueled primarily by those aged 25 to 34, who spent an average of $188 per person in department stores, specialty shops, and local businesses.

Retailers are familiar with this springtime season of gift-giving; most major stores offer significant “Dads & Grads” sales for those looking to score the perfect present. But as these sales have become increasingly common, so has the outreach and promotion around the deals—between emails, pop-up messages, and push notifications, today’s retailers need to cut through the noise in order to drive engagement and revenue this spring. That’s where real-time personalization comes into play.

Strategically Bring Sale Shoppers In-Store

A major shortcoming of traditional retail outreach is its inability to consider the context when attempting to engage a potential customer. This sort of outreach is conducted without data-driven insight into where a customer currently is, what they may be doing at this time of day, or what their purchase history looks like—in short, retailers are blindly promoting their sale without knowing whether or not customers are in the right mindset to act on the message.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-powered solutions for real-time personalization, however, can optimize sale-related outreach based on a potential shopper’s location, recent purchases, and more in order to strategically drive in-store foot traffic during Dads & Grads sales.

For example, if a customer aged 20 to 35 is within range of his favorite fishing supply store, he may receive a push notification encouraging him to stop by:
“Jake, enjoy 25% off store-wide during our Father’s Day Sale. Shop now to find the perfect gift for Dad!”

Or, if the mother of a college student is on campus for graduation as it starts to rain, her phone may buzz with a personalized message from the bookstore:
“Maggie, don’t let the rain dampen your graduation celebration! Get 30% off rain gear in the campus bookstore.”

By responding to customers’ contextual data in-the-moment, real-time personalization solutions can strategically increase store visits—and the likelihood that shoppers will take advantage of Dads & Grads sales. Once inside the store, the same ML models and real-time location systems can even lead customers right to the gifts they seek.

Catch Interested Sale Shoppers Online

Just as real-time personalization uses customer data and external inputs to effectively engage potential in-store sale-seekers, it can also elevate engagement for online Dads & Grads sales. Instead of aggressive pop-up windows with generic sales offers, real-time personalization strategically incentivizes potential customers to take advantage of the deals they’re interested in and can leverage browsing patterns and store data to create a sense of urgency when it comes to sales.

For example, after browsing a large department store’s selection of men’s clothing and placing a tie in her virtual cart, a young woman might be greeted with a message on her screen:
“Emily, order in the next 10 minutes and receive 10% off for our annual Dads & Grads Sale!”

Another online customer visiting the same department store site might be browsing through laptops and tablets, and upon clicking to view a certain model, see a notice on his screen:
“Only 2 left in stock! Order now to take advantage of our Dads & Grads Sale price.”

By using real-time personalization to add a time-sensitive dimension to the Dads & Grads deals that customers are already viewing online, retailers can rapidly incentivize sales and increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Real-Time Personalization for Dads’ and Grads’ Celebrations

Whether a shopper is online or in-store this month, they’ll be searching for the sales that enable them to show their graduates and fathers how much they care. These shoppers are much more likely to engage with offers that utilize real-time personalization to present them with the deals they need, right when they need them.

Want to make your Dads & Grads sale, and all of your offers, stand out to shoppers? ZineOne’s AI-powered Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) enables real-time personalization for seamless sales outreach and strategic transaction success. Learn more about how our solution works.

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