Smart Holiday Shopping: Online Customer Engagement on Cyber Monday

By Team ZineOne November 27, 2018

The holiday shopping season presents retailers with powerful opportunities to drive sales all year long. In our “Smart Holiday Shopping” blog series, we’ve explored possibilities for engagement on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday; in this final installment, we’re turning our focus to online customer engagement on Cyber Monday.

While today’s digital convergence is gradually transforming shopping days like Black Friday and Small Business Saturday into online experiences, Cyber Monday still dominates when it comes to online holiday shopping. In 2017, retailers reached $3 billion in sales on Cyber Monday, and web traffic was up 12% from a normal day.

Retailers are keen on attracting as many Cyber Monday shoppers as possible to their online storefronts, but often lack the tools to maximize conversions once customers reach the site. The way to drive digital transactions is via personalized, online customer engagement—a capability that relies on customer data.

The Data Powering Online Customer Engagement

When it comes to increasing online sales, in-session engagement is key; and when it comes to in-session engagement, extensive customer data is necessary. In fact, just generating a personalized pop-up message with a relevant offer can require numerous data points—the customer’s name, browsing history, real-time clickstream, past transaction records, and more. All of these once disparate data points can be unified to form a full picture of each shopper’s unique context and likely intent, providing retailers insight into which online engagement or offer is most likely to resonate.

The best part about customer data? The more a retailer collects, the more effective it becomes. When an extensive engagement history can be analyzed in the context of a customer’s current browsing activity, the resulting intervention is more likely to resonate with them and successfully influence their purchase. On days like Cyber Monday, a wealth of customer data is what will empower retailers to incentivize conversion and maximize sales.  

Forming Shoppers’ ‘Customer DNA’

The one-of-a-kind approach that ZineOne takes to unifying and analyzing customer data is by aggregating clickstream into a profile of the shopper’s “Customer DNA.” Unique to each individual, Customer DNA is an evolving, multi-dimensional string of historic and real-time data points across all channels. Every time a shopper completes a transaction with the retailer, scrolls through a retailer’s webpage, or even connects to a retailer’s in-store Wi-Fi, this data is added to their Customer DNA in order to form a stream of continuous intelligence that powers effective online customer engagement.

On Cyber Monday—and every day—Customer DNA can be acted upon with ZineOne’s intelligent Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) so that retailers can intervene with relevant in-session offers. Consider the following scenario as an example:

Josh is browsing the Cyber Monday deals on a clothing retailer’s website. According to his Customer DNA, however, the only purchases Josh has ever made from this retailer have been in-store, and he prefers to buy accessories. Josh’s Customer DNA is also streaming his current site activity, where he has landed upon a page for winter hats. Based on this historic and real-time data, the CEH immediately serves Josh an in-session pop-up offer: “Josh: Save an extra 10% off hats in the next 10 minutes!” Compelled by the urgency of this offer, Josh is successfully incentivized to make his first online transaction with this retailer.

This online customer engagement is enabled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models, which analyze Customer DNA in real time, making intelligent decisions about the in-session intervention that is most likely to resonate with the customer in that moment.

Customer Data: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Every retailer has the opportunity to dig into the goldmine of customer data that Cyber Monday provides. From browsing behavior to real-time clickstreams, digital data points are just waiting to be collected across mobile apps, websites, and more. By outfitting their business with the ZineOne CEH, retailers can ensure that none of this data goes to waste—and that it serves as a strong foundation for a future of continuous customer intelligence and online engagement throughout the year.


ZineOne’s AI-powered Customer Engagement Hub and real-time Customer DNA enable retailers to deliver online customer engagement that drives conversion and revenue—this Cyber Monday and every day.

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