The Game Changer: The Advent of Web Push

By Team ZineOne April 22, 2016

As of late last year, browsers are now able to Push notifications to their users, much like native apps have already been doing. This is a game changer for marketers interested in ongoing engagement with qualified customers who visit their website. In the past, the only way to re-engage with those users was by using cookies and showing them ads wherever they went online, or through email if they gave it to you. Now, brands have the power to connect with them on the home screen of these customers’ desktop or mobile via Web Push.

Mobile push for native apps created the mobile marketing automation industry. Mobile push enabled marketers to send notifications on an ongoing basis to anyone who downloads their app and is open to notifications. That industry has matured over the last five years and has influenced user behavior to the point that notifications are now mainstream. As we download apps, we expect to be asked whether they can notify us and based on our comfort level and the value the brand provides, we can choose to accept or not. Now that same privilege of sending notifications is available for brands EVEN IF the user has not downloaded the native app, but uses their website, either on the desktop or on the mobile. Essentially, any website that wants to engage with its users can do so by seeking permission from them to send notifications. Once the permission is obtained, the home screen on the desktop or the mobile becomes the inbox for notification, even when the website is not in the foreground, or even currently loaded. This is HUGE!!

Lets take an example. I go to the website on my desktop and look for a ticket from San Francisco to Dallas. I choose not to buy the ticket. United then can send me price change notifications for that ticket, both on my desktop home screen and/or the mobile home screen.

The other thing to put in perspective is that, while we hear a lot about mobile and mobile apps, for most traditional brands web and mobile web (responsive websites) are still the most significant part of their traffic. Apps, while sexy, take up a lot of resources to market and to ensure that users download and retain them. New age Internet retailers might skew more toward apps, but majority still favor the mobile web, and the web. In this scenario, the impact of Web Push is significant and multi-faceted and will affect consumer-facing industries, from retail to banking to insurance. This will put a direct line of communication in the hands of every brand with a website – which is significantly more powerful than email. Email marketing created a $4B dollar industry… what happens now with web push is still to be seen, but we at ZineOne are observing strong uptake.

More to come on how this is affecting retail and banking in future blogs.

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