The Smart Way to Play the Margins

By Team ZineOne February 23, 2021
Site-wide offers erode margins

There are many ways to conduct digital commerce with consumers. However, just like any business, you have to target, attract and keep customers to stay in business. This is true if you’re a retailer, bank, restaurant, hotel, or grocer.

The challenge for online businesses is to know who to target and retain from all the visitors who arrive at your site. This is quite different from SEO tactics that bring visitors to your site.  Instead, it’s about converting them to customers once they are there. Once you have identified them as active prospects who may convert you could make them an offer, say a coupon or loyalty points. But here’s the tricky part, making the same offer to everyone erodes margins. And, as we all know, profitable businesses successfully optimize margins.

The way to play the margins to your advantage while satisfying customers is to know which offer will be attractive to each customer. And to do this while they are in-the-moment – considering a purchase action.

Let’s face it. It’s really difficult to do this. You can’t see them, you can’t talk with them, you have no idea who these people are that have come to your site to make a purchase decision. 

But we do. This is exactly what the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform’s RevPredict dashboard allows marketers to do. We enable you to target, attract and keep customers happy within five clicks of their mouse or taps of a finger. And we do it with 90+% predictive accuracy. Easily, anytime and anywhere.

In fact, our data-driven predictive engagement leads to a 20% revenue lift. It’s the smart way to play the margins.

To learn more about how this can work for you, check out our latest case study.

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