What are Systems of Engagement?

By Team ZineOne September 25, 2020
What are systems of engagement?

Understanding Customers and Orchestrating Interactions at Scale

In today’s world of instant gratification, with an expansive host of bells and whistles right at our fingertips, capturing user attention has become simultaneously more paramount and much more difficult. With more stimuli and user agency than ever before, keeping users engaged is no small task. There’s always a different app, a different site, a different option. And the platforms that host them all are Systems of Engagement.

In his 2011 whitepaper “A Sea Change in Enterprise IT,” author Geoffrey Moore frames Systems of Engagement as IT-enabled services that incorporate communication and collaboration, in order to respond to the interdependent and synergetic nature of business. They are a counterpart to Systems of Record, which revolve around mainframe data processing. Essentially, Systems of Engagement are an adaptation of Enterprise IT—systems powered by user interaction, not data records. They are the tangible interfaces with which users interact: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and the like.  

Using systems of engagement to understand customer behavior and to orchestrate interaction

User interaction management with Systems of Engagement is ever-changing and nuanced, like a vibrant ecosystem. The benefits of this innovation are clear—we have new opportunities to truly understand users and cater to their preferences. However, an issue arises when we face the daunting task of sifting through and interpreting the dynamic mountain of conversations and interactions. Systems of Engagement give us everything we need to personalize our relationships with users and increase their loyalty, but their magnitude makes it difficult to do so at scale. Especially when the variety of options available on Systems of Engagement shortens user attention span, capitalizing on every meaningful moment is crucial and challenging. Enter ZineOne.

Consider ZineOne’s Intelligent Customer Engagement platform as the orchestrator behind the curtain—the curtain being Systems of Engagement. Our AI-based personalization software does the heavy lifting of receiving information from Systems of Engagement and interpreting it in real-time; we gather consumer insights and predict customer behavior (e.g. identify on-the-fence shoppers). And we don’t stop there. After all, the orchestrator also makes influential decisions. ZineOne’s platform uses the insights gathered from in-session user behavior to deliver 1:1 experiences that are tailored specifically for consumers. Across all systems, the platform pinpoints exactly what a user needs to stay engaged and delivers precisely that. For ZineOne, Systems of Engagement are the avenue through which customer journeys are enhanced, dictated by customers themselves.

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