Your Customer Experience Strategy for Early-Bird Bookers

By Team ZineOne January 22, 2019

Optimize Booking Experiences for Those Already Scheming for Summer

The temperature may be below freezing across much of the country, but many people are already planning their 2019 summertime getaways. These late winter months are prime time for summer bookings—in fact, 59% of travelers will begin researching and booking their trips up to three months before their stay.

In order to ensure that these vacationers have a seamless customer journey before they begin their real-life journeys this summer, hospitality providers must deploy a strong customer experience strategy. So, how can your destination encourage and optimize early-bird bookings?

Give Past Visitors an Opportunity to Book Early.

“James: Join us for another summer at the shore! Book now for an early-bird discount.”

At this time of year, unless someone has already booked their summer vacation, it’s likely they aren’t yet sure of their plans. Take advantage of the timing to proactively invite past guests to book another trip to your destination via text, email, or in-app message. By incentivizing them with convenient discounts and strategically suggesting attractions they have enjoyed before, you can maximize opportunities for advanced summer bookings.

Make Booking a Seamless Experience.

“Emily: Planning a destination event? Add our new Bachelorette Spa Package to your trip itinerary.”

For guests who are already at the booking stage this winter, your destination can populate their itinerary with activities, attractions, and events picked specifically to pique their interest. By considering emerging short-term insights such as number of travelers in the guest’s group, other activities booked, and duration of their stay—as well as individual data from past trips, if available—your destination can deliver a superior customer experience that drives a differentiated vacation experience.

Keep Future Guests Engaged.

“Explore new rides and attractions your kids will love, Mark!”

Once an early-bird guest has booked their trip, your destination can continually engage and excite them around additional offers, attractions, and news until their summer stay finally arrives. This active customer experience strategy should be deployed across channels, always keeping future guests aware of the many opportunities available at your destination and motivating them to explore the options in advance.

Deploy Reminders As Guests’ Stays Approach.

“Only one week until your trip, Anthony! Download our app to learn more and view a map of our facility.”

As the days grow warmer and vacations draw nearer, your guests should be provided with the logistical reminders they need to optimize their upcoming travel plans. From viewing interactive maps to arranging for car rentals and more, your destination’s customer experience strategy should ensure that early bookers remain well-informed, right up to the moment of departure.

Encourage Guests to Book Now for Next Year

“We hope you enjoyed your trip, Susan! Book next year’s cruise today and receive a 10% discount.”

Your destination has an opportunity to turn early-bird guests into loyal customers by strategically deploying follow-up offers after their stay. This outreach incentivizes guests who are predisposed to book early to do so once again, enjoying the same great customer experience they received this year. To reach guests in a timely and effective manner, your destination should make sure that follow-up messages are deployed on the channels customers use most, from smartphones to smart watches.

ZineOne’s AI-Powered Real-Time Marketing platform was designed to power a proactive, omni-channel customer experience strategy for hospitality providers, delighting early-bird guests before, during and after their stay. Discover how ZineOne can create differentiated guest experiences at your destination.

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