ZineOne CEO to Speak at Apigee’s Adapt or Die

By Team ZineOne September 26, 2016

ZineOne CEO Debjani Deb will lead a discussion on Omnichannel Digital Engagement at Apijee’s Adapt or Die conference in San Francisco, on Sept. 27.

In today’s hyper-online world, customer attention is fleeting and fragmented. So, what will it take for brands to capture their attention? Real-time digital interactions enable a brand to catch the customer at the right moment, when they are on your digital property, with the right information to nudge them along in their customer journey. These human-centric, digital interactions are impossible without APIs! In this roundtable, we will discuss the value proposition of using this new genre of customer interactions to bolster digital engagement. Led by ZineOne CEO Debjani Deb, an expert with these techniques!”

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