ZineOne: The Next Generation Predictive Engagement Platform

ZineOne’s continuously learning models help brands drive incremental revenue, margin, loyalty by dynamically predicting user behavior while they engage (vs. after they leave the site) and adds value in the moment. Explore what predictive engagement can do for you.

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The decline from top to bottom of the funnel is steep

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on advertising, search, and promotions to drive traffic to your digital and physical sites, 70% of carts are abandoned and the average conversion rate range from 2% to 4%. To convert more traffic and provide an exceptional digital experience, you need to interact ‘in-the-moment’ in a relevant, engaging, and hyper-personalized manner. Predictive engagement can provide highly relevant and accurate experiences that can influence purchases and improve loyalty across all of your channels on a single platform.

Hyper Personalization

  • Trigger Personalized Experiences
    • For timely, relevant, and engaging interactions where your visitors and customers feel valued and understood.
  • Target Users Dynamically
    • Highly accurate machine learning models can add or remove users from dynamic segments based on a multitude of variables and behaviors so your interactions are always personalized.
  • Schedule Proactively
    • Use business rules or intelligence to choose the right moment to deliver messages to your customers.

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ZineOne-Hyper-Personalization-Engagement-ICE-Capabilities-Intelligent-Customer-Engagement Platform Personalization Predictive Engagement
ZineOne-In-the-Moment-Predictive-Engagement-ICE-Capabilities-Intelligent-Customer-Engagement Platform Personalization Predictive Engagement

In-the-Moment Predictive Engagement

  • Identify Visitors’ Intent
    • Predictive interactions that focus on the right moment of engagement can drive significant gains for your company. Provide tailored messaging and interactions by determining your customers’ session intent with machine learning.
  • Highly Accurate and Informed Insights
    • ML-based insights take into account your promotion budget, product inventory, and product margins before making an offer to a visitor so you maintain profitability.
  • Predict Session Outcomes Accurately
    • Leverage deep learning insights to predict session outcomes for site visitors or time to next visit.
  • Measure Business Impact
    • Track performance in real-time and measure test group lift to optimize and drive results.
  • Adapt to Dynamic Preferences
    • Move as fast as your consumers by using machine learning to adjust preferred channels and locations based on in-the-moment activity.

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Channel Agnostic Marketing

  • Create Omni-channel Experiences
    • Build experiences for any channel based on a common profile that incorporates up to the moment streamed data for each customer.
  • Collect Data on Any Channel
    • Collect data from digital and offline channels, including the store POS system, kiosks, etc. and combine with your system of record for a 360-degree view of your customer.
  • Build Content for Any Channel
    • Intent and contextual data allow you to serve content in the channel of each individual’s preference. Hence a visitor can start an interaction in one channel and pick-up where they left off in any other channel.

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Omni-Channel-Marketing-ZineOne-ICE-Capabilities-Intelligent-Customer-Engagement Platform
ZineOne_Customer-Data-Management-ICE-Capabilities-Intelligent-Customer-Engagement Platform Personalization Predictive Engagement

Customer Data Management

  • Instantly Capture New Data
    • Schema-less profiles mean that when you send new data, it gets captured immediately, so you can focus on building the best experiences for your customers and delivering it in the transaction moment.
  • Bring your Own or Use our Virtual CDP
    • Obtain a comprehensive view of your visitors and customers.
  • Integrate New Touchpoints
    • Our open data platform makes it easy to add new data sources to understand your customers further.
  • Treat Sensitive Data Responsibly
    • Our platform keeps security, privacy, and compliance in mind so you don’t have to.

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Testing & Experience Optimization

  • Optimize Results
    • Get in-the-moment updates on campaign results so you can take timely action. Our patent-pending ML models can automatically optimize the results if you choose.
  • Test Performance Across Channels
    • Test campaign performance across digital and physical channels such as the website, mobile, email, ATM, kiosk, POS, and more. You can also test multiple changes at once.
  • Test in Your Platform of Choice

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ZineOne-Testing-and-Experience-Optimization-ICE-Capabilities-Intelligent-Customer-Engagement Platform Personalization Predictive Engagement
Single-Customer-View-ZineOne-ICE-Capabilities-Intelligent-Customer-Engagement Platform

Single Customer View

  • Context Matters
    • Stored customer data only provides a partial view. You also need to understand the behavioral and emotional context of your visitors and customers. We connect historical, in-the-moment, and third-party data such as weather, geolocation, and events to create a context-rich view of your visitor and customers.
  • Understand Digital Body Language
    • Know your visitors’ current session goals by reading the signals in digital view and clicks data. Easily unify this intent with fragmented data, across multiple sources to complete the customer profile.
  • Build Segments On-The-Fly
    • Consumers demand that the companies they interact with know and understand them. Pre-defined, static segments are not enough and can alienate your users. Create dynamic segments for both known and anonymous users that today’s demanding consumers require.

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ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform

Intelligent Customer Engagement platform high level architecture diagram

Vendor delivered what they promised 3 weeks earlier than due date and provided 2x the ROI. All vendor teams (e.g., Sales, Technical Sales, Executives, Data Scientists and Managers) were very professional, curious and very knowledgeable of their respectable areas. Product is working as designed and was highly customizable to our needs.

Sr. Innovation and Emerging Technology Engineer in the Communications Industry


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