Connected Data Platform

Every customer was once a prospect. Connect data from site visits with your customer acquisition programs and Customer Data Platform (CDP). A typical customer journey plays out over time and leads to true loyalty.  Whether it’s an anonymous visitor’s real-time interactions or a known customer’s history, attributes, and preferences, ZineOne allows you to build connected profiles. As well as manage their activities and response data across channels and devices in one place. So you can focus on personalizing experiences with intelligence.


In. Real. Time.

Understand. Your.
Customer. Context.

With our unified visitor and customer profile platform, you can unify and leverage visitor characteristics across their lifecycle and channel activity, from anonymous guests with observable interest, frequency, and intent to loyal, repeat customers with explicit preferences.

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Intelligent Audience Segmentation

Our AI-led segments are built from clickstream intelligence. More than just scores, we deliver insights that help you understand and fully value each customer’s presence and unique footprint with your brand

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