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Customer Data Management

Easily combine live, stored, and 3rd party data into a complete view of each visitor while respecting data privacy.

Easily combine data from many sources into a comprehensive view of each and every visitor and customer so you can form meaningful insights while protecting your data. The ZineOne ICE platform easily incorporates both streaming and stored data and allows you to take meaningful action in milliseconds.

Integrate New Touchpoints

Data is the lifeblood for marketers who want to obtain meaningful insights. With the ZineOne ICE open data platform, you can easily add a new source of data or let us integrate data from multiple sources such as your email marketing solution, POS systems, call center solutions, CRM, CDP, DMPs, data warehouse, and others.  We can also integrate third-party data such as weather, zip codes, events, triggers, and more.

The platform also has many pre-built integrations so you can take advantage of different technologies such as mobile, tablets, email, search, website, AdTech, location info, chatbots, APIs, SDKs, Webhooks and more.

Instantly Capture New Data

The ZineOne ICE platform lets you capture any source of information on the fly as its generated and integrates it with existing data. Also, our schema-less data management approach means that you won’t have to face the difficult task of collecting, cleaning, and analyzing your data so you can focus on building the best experiences for your customers faster.

Bring your Own or Use our Virtual CDP

Whether you bring your own CDP or DMP or leverage the one we create for you, you can be sure that with our approach of incorporating your existing data stores with streaming data generated from your digital properties together with third-party data, you have the most comprehensive view of your visitors and customers.

Treat Sensitive Data Responsibly

Lastly, we treat your data responsibly so you can rest assured that your data is managed with privacy, security, and compliance in mind.

ZineOne has a dedicated and competent team, and they are easy to work with. We have brainstormed ideas with them often.

Director of Product, Digital in the Retail Industry

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