Intelligent Audience Segmentation

No two customers are identical. Neither are two visits of the same customer. Our AI-led segments are built from clickstream intelligence. More than just scores, we deliver insights that help you understand and fully value each customer’s presence and unique footprint with your brand. Whether that’s a first-time visitor or a known customer. Build new segments or enrich your existing segments using this intelligence.

Net. New.

We focus on clickstream data to predict the likelihoods of various outcomes. That’s in-session intelligence. Like probability to purchase. To start building the cart. To overcome friction. To come back over the next week. Discover intent-based segments and use them to orchestrate in-session actions. Influence outcomes before an online visitor leaves your app or site.


That’s how we make every visit count.

Fresh. Dynamic. Individualized.

Micro-behaviors are what drives each of your site visitors to act. Their timescale of expression is very short – well beyond the reach of typical segmentation techniques. ZineOne synthesizes each visitor’s data into their individual Customer DNA™. Discover new segments from such micro-behaviors dynamically using real-time predictions. Like the readiness to purchase in the same session. Or the likelihood to revisit in the next week.


Don’t be limited by static, precomputed, and out-of-date segments.

Multi. Horizon. Awareness.

Consumers today are dynamic. Yet, their visit-specific micro behaviors occur in a macroscopic situational context, which must be examined to fully understand outcomes in multiple time horizons. ZineOne’s AI models learn from essential clickstream data to build predictive segments for expected outcomes – within the same visit, the next week or month.


Predict across time horizons, as you segment to act in real-time.

Every. Prospect. Counts.

A majority of your site visitors are unknown. Our AI algorithms only need clickstream data to segment visitors – whether they’re a prospect or a known customer – based on their intent such as readiness to purchase or propensity to perform another action. Deprecation of 3rd party cookies and IDFAs is forcing brands to connect their customer acquisition strategy with in-session actions to retain and convert.


Now you can segment and target prospects before they’re gone.

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Create omnichannel experiences that influence customers at just the right moment. ZineOne’s platform allows you to influence consumers in their journey where coordinated engagement can yield the best results.

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