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Channel Agnostic Marketing

Follow the customer seamlessly by interweaving digital and physical channels to improve customer experience.

Create omnichannel experiences that influence customer action at just the right moment. ZineOne’s ICE platform enables your company to discover points of influence in the customer journey where certain engagements can yield the best possible results, interweaving digital and physical channels to maximize experience and convenience for customers. As a result, the platform enables your company to deepen your relationship with customers by delivering increasingly relevant, engaging, in-the-moment messages that drive loyalty and sales across a multitude of channels.

Create Omnichannel Experiences

Build experiences for any channel based on a common profile that incorporates up to the moment streamed data for each visitor. Engage them in the channel of their preference even if it changes frequently improving the likelihood of a positive outcome. Channels include POS, kiosks, website, mobile, chat and more.

Collect Data on Any Channel

The ZineOne ICE platform combines and processes historic customer data, streaming real-time data on any channel, and a wealth of environmental variables to provide a 360° view of individual customers and their behavior at the point of interaction, so intelligent decisions about how to tailor their experience can be made.

Connect data from the digital endpoints, the customer uses to engage with your brand – such as a website, mobile app, and POS display – with data from your systems of record – including those which store information on the customer’s past brand interactions. This creates a single user profile of the customer across all channels, which is updated on a real-time basis. It is further supplemented by external data, such as the customer’s geographic location, the time and weather in their area, to enrich your understanding of the individual’s current situation and mindset.

Build Content for Any Channel

Armed with intent data and context (historical data plus in-the-moment interaction), you can build relevant content across any channel.  Such content is aware of how each individual prefers to be engaged and by leveraging machine learning to absorb and adapt to each user’s preference over time, the content delivered can be increasingly relevant and effective.

Exciting product with good potential

The product has potential and support has been great. We are yet to leverage the full potential of complex notifications but love the rapid evolution that the product is undergoing.

VP Development in the Education Industry

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