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In-the-moment Predictive Engagement

Highly accurate, continuously learning AI-powered personalized predictive engagements that allow today’s business leaders to dynamically engage visitors in-session.

ZineOne has an innovative approach to provide you with meaningful insights and predictions, those that are not only highly accurate (90%+) but relevant and in-the-moment so you can engage your visitors at a time when they are most receptive and before they leave. Your visitors aren’t all the same, and your personalization solutions shouldn’t treat them as such with one or two models. ZineOne has a growing library of models from “Prediction to Buy,” “Time to Next Visit,“ to “Weather and Location Intelligence” to help you take timely and relevant action.

Identify visitor intent

Provide tailored messaging by determining your visitor’s session intent with our patent-pending machine learning models. You can predict their intent regardless of where, when, and how they engage. ZineOne models remember past behavior and combine it with the live behavior and other environmental factors to accurately identify your visitor’s intentions.

Predict session outcomes accurately

Leverage the expertise of the ZineOne Innovation Lab’s data scientists and data engineer’s deep and machine learning-based insights to predict session outcomes for site visitors. You don’t have to wait anymore for your data scientists to be freed up to help with your initiatives. Our extensive library of models is customized to your visitors, your products, and use case so we can more accurately predict session outcomes. Once you predict the session outcome, you can engage your visitors with the most relevant information to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Adapt to dynamic preferences

Move as fast as your visitors, by using machine learning to adjust preferred channels and locations based on in-the-moment activity. Such capabilities allow you to interact with them in a 1:1 manner that is most likely to result in positive engagement.

Take informed action

Visitors are more likely to become a customer when they receive relevant and timely engagement. The ZineOne ICE platform provides a wide variety of methods to help you meaningfully engage visitors by providing insights and predictions based on social proof including what’s trending, product reviews, and what’s most popular. Take informed action because the ZineOne ICE platform checks with your promotion budget, product inventory, and product margins before you make an offer to a visitor so you maintain profitability, preserve a great customer experience while converting on-the-fence shoppers, for example. If a visitor does not take advantage of an offer on one channel, you can show that offer on other channels to increase the likelihood of acceptance.

Track recommendation’s impact

Track the result of recommendations in real-time inside the ZineOne platform by reviewing the results of each campaign and comparing it to your control group.  You can also analyze the campaign effectiveness by an offer, channel, visitor type, product, and more.

ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on advertising, search, and promotions to drive traffic to your digital sites, the average conversion rate range from 2% to 4%. To convert more traffic, you need to deliver relevant, engaging, 1:1 ‘in-the-moment’ experiences. AI-based predictions can provide highly relevant and accurate recommendations that can influence purchases and increase loyalty across all of your channels on a single platform.