Real-Time Omnichannel Experiences

Create omnichannel experiences that influence customers at just the right moment. Disjoint campaigns per channel, lifecycle stage, or timing are resource-intensive and fragment the customer experience.  ZineOne’s platform allows you to influence consumers in their journey where coordinated engagement can yield the best results.

Consistency. Across.

Unify orchestration for the entirety of the customer journey — across channels, interactions, and engagement phases — within a single workflow. Build experiences for any channel based on a unified profile that incorporates up to the moment streamed data for each visitor. Touchpoints include website, mobile, chat, POS, kiosks, IoT devices, and more.


Customer-centric continuity is at the heart of immersive cross-channel interactions.

Decisions. Optimize. Outcomes.

Rather than optimize on a campaign-by-campaign or channel basis, real-time marketing optimizes customer experiences. Customer experience optimization factors in outcomes and applies predictive analysis for proactive future engagements in addition to standard post-campaign measurement.


Manage outcomes,

not campaigns.

Moments. Augment. Campaigns.

Make a transition from campaigns to moments. Discover contextually relevant triggers and content to drive 1-1 engagement. Manage dynamic assembly and distribution of creative elements of content for specific customer moments in any touchpoint or device.


Triggers are the foundation of real-time marketing.

Always. On. Triggers.

Triggers use a 1-1 approach that outperforms traditional segment-based campaigns.
Leverage ensemble of “always-on” AI models that continuously learn customer behavior from their presence to trigger action in their “moments of need,” regardless of channel. Unify decisions within a single “brain” that orchestrates engagement with each customer, so all channels learn and adapt together.


goodbye silos.

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Testing & Optimization

ZineOne provides robust testing and optimization features that enable real-time marketing. So you can maximize success and minimize regret for each customer or prospect interaction.

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