What if you could accurately identify and target those visitors for both anonymous or known who are influenceable? What if you could influence them during their current session on your site, and successfully move them through the funnel?

Now you can! Introducing The RevPredict dashboard. Powered by ZineOne’s Early Purchase Prediction model, which predicts purchase outcomes early on in a visitor’s session. Through this intent prediction, the model identifies site visitors by type with a high level of accuracy. This enables businesses to motivate the most influenceable visitors to engage through different real-time actions that are immediate, relevant, and in real-time.

RevPredict Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboard

Now you have the ability to view opportunities such as incremental revenue lift, amount of incentive budget saved, number of new customers generated, conversion rate lift, and much more.

Intent-Based Recommendations

Recommended use cases to help you convert your visitors based on their intent to purchase. Identify if a visitor is unlikely to buy, likely to buy, or on the fence

EPP Model

Website tags and the Early Purchase Prediction (EPP) model configured for your site based on your data

Customers Running RevPredict Have Seen:

An Increase of +45%

in conversion rate for a targeted audience

An Increase of +3%

in total overall conversion rate

Increase in +$25M

Annual incremental revenue growth

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