The ZineOne RevPredict Program

Discover new audience segments to intelligently increase revenue from your existing web traffic – even for anonymous visitors.

Real-Time Dashboard

Now you have the ability to view opportunities such as incremental revenue lift, amount of incentive budget saved, number of new customers generated, conversion rate increase, and much more.

Intent-Based Recommendations

Recommended use cases to help you convert your visitors based on their intent to purchase. Identify which portion of your visitors are unlikely to buy, likely to buy, or on the fence.

EPP Model

Run your data against ZineOne’s Early Purchase Prediction (EPP) model to discover new segments within the session and offer better customer experiences.

Customers Running RevPredict Have Seen:

An Increase of +45%

in conversion rate for a targeted audience

An Increase of +3%

in total overall conversion rate

Increase in +$25M

Annual incremental revenue growth

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