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Single Customer View

We reduce the complexity of creating and managing customer interactions by providing a single view of your customer so you can focus on determining the type of interaction you want to have with your visitors and customers with greater efficiency.

Data is everywhere and it can be complex and time-consuming to embark on an effort to obtain a single view of your customer. With the ICE platform, collecting customer data and making sense of it is easy. We can bring together fragmented data from many sources, store data flexibly in dynamic, ever-changing profiles, and resolve identities for known and anonymous users so you can focus on determining the type of interaction you want to have with your visitors. Lastly, you can build segments on-the-fly and across time with ease.

Store data in motion

When a visitor interacts on a website, mobile or tablet, an enormous amount of data is streamed. Making sense of this dynamic, ever-changing data can be challenging. The ZineOne platform captures this data and stores it flexibly in dynamic profiles connecting historical, in-the-moment and environmental attributes. These dynamic profiles are continuously updated giving you in-the-moment flexibility to define new customer segments so each interaction is more meaningful.

Understand visitor’s digital body language

Now, you can bring together fragmented data into unified profiles that incorporate all digital channels such as email, mobile, website, chat, POS, kiosks and more. Furthermore, the ICE platform resolves identities for known and anonymous users so you are able to interact with visitors of all types, not just your most loyal users, in a relevant and timely manner.

Build segments on the fly with ease

The ICE platform allows you to create and maintain as many segments as you want, in seconds.  You can pre-define rules and criteria to define a segment or let the platform create them based on live-action triggers or events combined with data from multiple sources. The platform uses Deep Learning and Machine learning models to analyze visitor behavior on-the-fly adding and moving visitors in and out of granular segments to enable you to engage each visitor in the most meaningful manner possible.

ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement (ICE) platform

Despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on advertising, search, and promotions to drive traffic to your digital sites, the average conversion rate range from 2% to 4%. To convert more traffic, you need to deliver relevant, engaging, 1:1 ‘in-the-moment’ experiences. AI-based predictions can provide highly relevant and accurate recommendations that can influence purchases and increase loyalty across all of your channels on a single platform.