Testing & Optimization

Don’t guess optimal personalization tactics. Or waste time with rudimentary A/B testing of simple factors. ZineOne provides robust testing and optimization features that enable real-time marketing. So you can maximize success and minimize regret for each customer or prospect interaction.

Test. Like.
A Bandit.

Setup experiments to test performance of triggered interactions or scheduled campaigns. Across channels. Digital or physical. Such as the website, mobile, email, ATM, kiosk, POS, and more. Measure then scale – get effectiveness of in-session actions with significance. Determine which actions are most effective for any given audience and dynamically adjust them for any changes in behavior. Utilize our machine learning-based algos to test multiple changes at once and let our models optimize the results for you if you choose.


Why don’t we do the experiment again? Anyone? No, thanks!

Avoid. FOMO.

Tests are effective if you can monitor their KPI impact in real-time and make adjustments just as fast. Get pre-built metrics such as increase in revenue, margin savings and conversion lift. Test over control group. Fine-tune your campaigns so you can continue to optimize your results. With up to the moment results that are displayed in graphical format and updated in seconds – not minutes – you have the power to fine-tune your campaigns while they are running and exceed your projections.


Carpe tempore… seize the moment!


With an extensive set of pre-built integrations and flexible connectors, you can seamlessly perform tests in the platform of your choice if you want. We also provide APIs and SDKs that allow you to perform sophisticated tests in the platform of your choice and/or export the results into any application in your marketing technology stack.


Measure where and what you want.

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Powered by ZineOne’s Early Purchase Prediction model, which predicts purchase outcomes early on in a visitor’s session. Through this intent prediction, the model identifies site visitors by type with a high level of accuracy. This enables businesses to motivate the most influenceable visitors to engage through different real-time actions that are immediate, relevant, and lead to the desired outcome.

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