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Testing & Experience Optimization

Dynamically create, deploy, and test hyper-personalized campaigns across a variety of segments and channels.

Assessing campaign performance and optimizing them for any segment is critical to maintaining high-performing campaigns. Hence, we provide the ability to create, measure and manage tests, in real-time, for any customer segment across any channel. Further, we provide the ability to build, deploy and test personalized campaigns across a variety of behaviors and channels over time so you can optimize the customer journey.

Optimize Results

Test results are effective if you can monitor them in real-time and make adjustments just as fast. ZineOne allows you to review the automatically calculated results, review the increase in revenue and the lift over the control group and fine-tune your campaigns so you can continue to optimize your results. With up to the moment results that are displayed in graphical format and updated in seconds, not minutes, you have the power to fine-tune your campaigns while they are running and exceed your projections.

Test Performance Across Channels

Test campaigns across digital and physical channels such as the website, mobile, email, ATM, kiosk, POS, and more to measure the effectiveness of product and content recommendations and ensure that your results are optimized. Determine which channels are most effective for any given audience characteristics and dynamically adjust them for any changes in behavior. Utilize our machine learning-based recommendations to test multiple changes at once and let our models optimize the results for you if you choose.

Test in Your Platform of Choice

With an extensive set of pre-built integrations and flexible connectors, you can seamlessly perform tests in the platform of your choice if you want. We also provide APIs and SDKs to allow you to perform sophisticated tests in the platform of your choice and/or export the results into any application in your marketing technology stack.

Vendor delivered what they promised 3 weeks earlier than due date and provided 2x the ROI. All vendor teams (e.g., Sales, Technical Sales, Executives, Data Scientists and Managers) were very professional, curious and very knowledgeable of their respectable areas. Product is working as designed and was highly customizable to our needs.

Sr. Innovation and Emerging Technology Engineer in the Communications Industry

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