Solutions Engineer (Pre-sales Engineer/Sales Engineer)


You will focus on one of the following areas at any given time depending on the status of our customer pipeline and the number of active pilots.
Provide pre-sales support

  • Partner with Sales Directors through each step in the sales process to secure the technical win
  • Brainstorm use cases to pitch to each customer
  • Build and deliver customized demos
  • Work with internal resources to field RFP’s and Security Assessments
  • Handle technical objections and pre-sales scoping
  • Write SOW’s and Partnership Roadmaps

Ensure successful completion of pilots

  • Manage customer expectations and internal resources to see pilots through to successful completion
  • Provide deeper scoping (after contract signature) to ensure ZineOne’s delivery team has a buttoned up project plan
  • Ensure we engage in use cases that are simple enough for us to be certain of a win, but challenging enough to differentiate ourselves from traditional personalization engines

You will ensure we engage in the right use cases to win pilots, and to manage resources on all fronts to ensure use-case success. You will be responsible to manage/adjust/reset expectations with the customer and with the internal teams. You may need to ask the customer for more data points or better measurement signals to ensure success. You will achieve sign-off from all parties before launching pilots. You will develop a sense of co-ownership with new customers. You may be asked to project manage complex pilots.

Opportunity Landscape:

ZineOne provides Stream Processing driven Analytics and Personalization that works in real time across channels. We stand out in our ability to deliver advanced personalization where incumbent platforms fall short – this primarily lies in our ability to combine the following: AI driven messaging that crosses channels in real time, the ability to provide granular location based personalization (down to the aisle in the store that the shopper is browsing), the ability to make real-time queries to customer systems (such as Inventory, Loyalty, POS, Shipping location, CRM/CDP, Coupon/Offer generation systems).

ZineOne has Tier I customers in retail, banking, convenience stores, and hospitality. We are in active sales conversations with several more. Our business model has been to land and expand in large accounts. To that end we typically start with a limited paid engagement that includes 1-3 personalization use cases and we build a partnership roadmap that extends the relationship into multi-year engagements with dozens of use case.

Pre-Sales Resources:

ZineOne has a strong Sales and Solutions Engineering practice in place. You will report to the Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering – who will provide training and guidance on our Pre-sales methodologies and product capabilities.

Post-sales Resources:

  • You will work closely with the following internal teams: Customer Success/Delivery, Customer Advocacy, Machine Learning, Product, and Executive Leadership.
  • The head of Customer Advocacy will map customer stakeholders, manage relationships, and manage expansion pricing and business terms.
  • The ML team will build and deliver ML models and provide validation that specific models will be effective.
  • The Delivery team will build integration with customers, and deliver use cases.

Required Skills:

Technical Skills

  • Mobile App development: The ability to develop (very) simple iOS and Android apps. An understanding of what is possible and what would be practical to ask a customer’s team to develop.
  • HTML/Javascript/CSS knowledge: Fluency in HTML, an understanding of Web Sockets and the ability to use Javascript to configure front end personalization demos.
  • Work with our Machine Learning team to develop a deep personal understanding of how ML models are powered, what type of models are realistic to build given available data, what types of models would be effective for powering each use case.
  • An understanding of Web Hooks, POST and GET methodologies for interacting with web based API’s.

Business Skills

  • The ability to lead high stakes conversations with C-level business and technical stakeholders at fortune 500 companies.
  • The ability to describe complex software capabilities in a way that is simple and appealing to new customers and prospects
  • The ability to inspire confidence in new customers
  • The ability to listen to customer needs and provide suggested solutions on the spot
  • A proven track record of managing customer expectations and see project through to successful completion
  • The ability to wrangle internal resources