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ZineOne Real-Time Marketing Platform

By running on AWS, ZineOne offers a multi-tenant SaaS solution that analyzes the click-stream data of your site visitors in real-time and identifies their intent within five (5) clicks. The joint solution allows you to take the appropriate next action within milliseconds, while the visitor is still on you site. The result allows you to make every visit count.


Understand the Intent of Each Visitor to your Digital Properties

No two customers are identical. Neither are two visits of the same customer. Over 90% of the web traffic to sites is anonymous, and the average visitor will stay on your site for only 150 seconds. It is important to make sure every visit counts. If you could understand the intent of every visitor while they are on you rsite, you could better personalize their experience and deliver compelling next actions and offers to get them to convert.

The ZIneOne Solution:

Real-Time Marketing Platform

ZineOne’s Real-Time Marketing Platform uses our patented Machine Learning to predict in-session outcomes and increase conversion rates by engaging the visitor while they are still on the site. We accomplish this within the first five clicks for each visitor, anonymous and known users alike, without the need for third-party data or historical data. ZineOne has driven success at scale on Fortune 100 e-commerce sites, yielding a substantial increase in conversion rates while simultaneously maximizing margins by withholding incentives for visitors who do not require to complete their purchase.


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Predict and Engage

ZineOne determines whether each visitor will purchase or not and provides the ability to influence the outcome before they leave

Understand Anonymous Users

ZineOne Customer DNA™ intelligently identifies visitor characteristics early in their visit – without the need for any historical or third-party data.

Create Urgency to Purchase

Highlight popular products by showing how many people are currently viewing each product, as well as how many are left in stock.

Drive to Physical Stores

Proactively send inventory notifications or loyalty rewards availability reminders when your customers come near your physical stores.


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Intelligent Audience Segmentation

We focus on clickstream data to predict the likelihoods of various outcomes. That’s in-session intelligence. Like probability to purchase. To start building the cart. To overcome friction. To come back over the next week. Discover intent-based segments and use them to orchestrate in-session actions. Influence outcomes before an online visitor leaves your app or site.



That’s how we make every visit count

Dynamic, Smarter Personalization

Micro-behaviors are what drives each of your site visitors to act. Their timescale of expression is very short – well beyond the reach of typical segmentation techniques. ZineOne synthesizes each visitor’s data into their individual Customer DNA™. Discover new segments from such micro-behaviors dynamically using real-time predictions. Like the readiness to purchase in the same session. Or the likelihood to revisit in the next week.

Case Study: Verizon

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Verizon needed a solution for real-time intelligence that could identify customer intention and, when relevant, personalize messaging related to purchasing an accessory. In this case, such targeting means providing seamless, effortless service at first touch to ensure value for the customer.


Verizon’s customer engagement teams decided to use ZineOne to analyze the in-session behavior of every unknown visitor based on their live activity in combination with any historical data. The solution needed to predict each visitor’s likelihood to purchase and identify prospects who are on-the fence, i.e., those unlikely to purchase unless influenced.


Verizon was able to effectively increase customer engagement as well as seeing significant increases in clickthrough rate (CTR), sales of accessories, and valueadded services.


Business benefits observed:

• Reduced drop-offs and enhanced engagement

• Lift in CTR and revenue

• Increased value-added services

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