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Listen to the latest Q&A ft. guest speaker Brendan Witcher of Forrester on how to engage and delight consumers in real-time. Submit the form if open to sharing your thoughts and opinion.


Some of the Q&A Topics:

Discussed with guest speaker Brendan Witcher of Forrester

  • The state of digital commerce and how retailers are evolving to meet new consumer expectations
  • How to use data, ML, and AI technologies to dramatically increase conversions, revenue, and loyalty
  • What are some missed opportunities retailers frequently fail to consider that can fuel better business outcomes
  • How retailers should be preparing for the elimination of 3rd-party cookies
  • How to personalize digital experiences for anonymous/first-time visitors



“Consumers have pretty much gotten to this state where they are digitally savvy but also channel-agnostic.”


“Historical data is great. But it is great within reason to know the person in the past. It is so much more if you do a weighted average so much more important to know that consumer in the moment… In the next five years, we are seeing the rise of the intelligence layer. And what I mean by that the intelligence is not the same thing as insights. Insights are based on past data. Intelligence and customer cognition are in this moment and the knowledge of what that consumer is wanting, needing from you.”


“Personalization is something that many companies don’t understand. They think personalization is about making product recommendations, and it’s not … It’s about creating relevant value-add experiences… You have to do both — create relevancy and add value at the same time. Doing that in the moment is the only way you can do that because if we do it after the fact… it’s not a value anymore as I am not on your website right now.”

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