In-Session Intent Prediction for Real-Time Personalization

Right Context, Right Message, Right Now.

While the trend is for companies to invest heavily in customer acquisition, visitors are largely left on their own once they arrive on a website. There is no proactive encouragement from the company to help site visitors move forward in their online customer journey. This approach does not work with new-age consumers who expect brands to know them, understand their needs, and interact with them accordingly.

In this datasheet, we explore how 1:1 real-time personalization converts online visitors before they leave your site. You will read how:

  • Personalizing customers’ in-session experience deepens engagement
  • ML models predict customer intent and deliver personalization at scale
  • Engaging every visitor with relevance reduces bounce and increases conversions

Download this datasheet to learn how ZineOne’s AI-powered real-time personalization platform is helping companies achieve dramatic increases in conversions with 1:1 in-session interactions.