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Use Personalization To Drive Loyalty And Customer Obsession

Get access to this report to read Forrester’s recommendations on how to meet consumers’ rising expectations of brands. Learn about some of the common missteps that businesses take in their approach and how they can tweak their efforts by following the Three R’s of Personalization:

  • Deliver Relevance
  • Build Resonance
  • Show Restraint


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In this report:

  1. To win customer hearts, loyalty marketers need to get more personal
  2. Advance customer obsession with proper personalization
  3. Recommendations: match personalization tech to customer needs, not channel needs

Are your personalization efforts catering more to your sales goals than to customer needs? If so then it is time to reassess your strategy as it may be eroding your customer relationships. While they have best intentions, many marketers end up using personalization to push sales through next-best offers or product recommendations that lack one of the critical ingredients of customer centricity – relevance.

Get access to this report to also understand the steps you can take to create meaningful experiences that delight customers and deepen loyalty.