A New Paradigm In Digital Banking

AI-Powered Customer Engagement

Today, Amazon, Uber, Google, and Apple, are all engaged heavily in different parts of the banking value chain, ranging from loans to payments. There are also pure-play companies, such as Paypal and Venmo that have made-to-order banking alternatives for Millennial and Gen Z audiences, in order to disrupt a slow moving market.

The threat comes from the presence these competitors have in consumers’ everyday lives and the amount of data they collect on customers. Hence, it is critical for financial service institutions to put their digital transformation plans into high gear and make better use of the accumulated data for personalization to acquire and retain customers.

In this white paper, you will read about:

  • Why personalization can help the financial services industry compete more effectively
  • How banks can implement real-time personalization across channels
  • A functional view of the real-time, event-driven framework that can guide the development of insights that lead to meaningful actions

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can also deliver personalized and relevant experiences that drive transaction completion, increase engagement, and deepen loyalty.