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Customer Engagement in Today’s Connected Environment

Customer engagement in today's connected customer environment

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A simultaneous shift in corporate marketing strategies, digital technologies, and consumer preference has caused enterprises to seek a new approach for optimizing customers’ experience and engagement. This shift is being driven by forces such as an increasing focus on mid-funnel marketing vs. customer acquisition, changing customer expectations (“personalize it for me”) and the need for connected experience across growing touchpoints (website, mobile apps, SMS, emails, phone calls, chatbots, and more), and consumers’ expectation of real-time engagement.

In this white paper we explore:

  • The advantages of real-time customer engagement vs. batch only approach
  • How to eliminate multiple, disjointed tools that are costly and time-intensive
  • How to obtain a 360 customer profile and provide seamless online-to-offline experiences that are contextually relevant and timely.

Download the “Customer Engagement in Today’s Connected Environment” paper to learn strategies to increase customer loyalty and retention.