Event-Driven Architectures

Digital business is about business agility, meaning it is always sensing, always ready, always changing, and always learning. More and more enterprises are investing in event-oriented technologies to meet emerging business use cases and objectives in an agile manner.  Event-driven technologies incorporate streaming data to enable real-time analytics. “By 2020, 70% of organizations will adopt data streaming to enable real-time analytics,” according to Gartner.

Download this white paper, “Event-Driven Architectures for Real-Time Customer Engagement at Scale,” to learn how the ZineOne Customer Engagement Hub helps digital businesses meet their customer’s demanding expectations. You’ll learn about:

  • The importance of prescriptive analytics to determine the best way to engage your customers.
  • Critical components of a solution to meet your business and customer’s evolving needs while leveraging existing technology investments.
  • Key architectural requirements of a real-time customer engagement solution

Download the white paper today to understand why event-driven architectures should be among your CIO/CTO’s top priorities.