Guide to AI-Powered Customer Engagement

Serving up 1:1 interactions at the quick service restaurants and convenience stores

As consumer expectations for eating out rise, quick service restaurants (QSR) and convenience stores (C-store) need a solution that enables them to reach every customer, both on-site and on digital channels, in a relevant and personalized manner. With millions of customers around the globe, how can QSRs and C-stores unleash such personalized experiences at scale?

This eBook explores how AI-powered engagement tools help QSRs and C-stores to interact with every customer, based on their unique needs, tastes, and preferences.  The book includes eight mobile-centric strategies on how to:

  • Mobilize traffic to restaurants and stores
  • Leverage location and proximity intelligence
  • Forecast customer preferences by environmental factors
  • Analyze behavioral patterns for informed outreach
  • Guide customers to faster, targeted ordering
  • Build lasting customer loyalty
  • Take real-time, in-the-moment action
  • Influence customers to expand their palettes and preferences

Download this book to understand the power of AI-driven personalization to deliver meaningful engagement that keeps the customer coming back for more.