Personalizing the In-Store Experience Using AI

With companies such as Amazon and Netflix redefining the term “experience,” consumers’ expectations have been completely reset. Traditional brick and mortars have to match their expectation by providing a relevant and timely response to their needs, not only through digital channels but also within the stores.

The paradigm shift in the retail industry toward offering seamless, personalized experiences to their customers across all channels … in real-time is rapidly occurring. To achieve this, a new technology stack and a new generation of systems are needed that can respond in milliseconds at-scale. Additionally, companies must do so while learning and adapting these responses to the evolving context of the customer.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

  • A framework that shows to obtain a context-specific understanding of your customer and how to provide real-time personalization
  • The role of Machine Learning and how it can help predict the best “in-the-moment” offer to your customers.
  • How to turn insight into action to which your customers will positively respond

Download Part 2 of a 2-Part series to understand how retailers can achieve this path to personalization with predictive insights through the ZineOne CEH platform.