Your Guide to AI-Driven Personalization in Retail

Strategies for Relevant 1:1 Customer Interactions that Yield Real Results

As customer expectations rise and conversion rates stagnate, e-commerce companies need a solution that allows them to reach shoppers in new and innovative ways. How can they keep more visitors engaged in order to convert them into customers?

For e-commerce players in today’s competitive customer-driven landscape, the answer lies in acquiring access to relevant data sources and AI-based engagement tools that set your brand apart at every stage of a customer’s journey.

This eBook lists out strategies and examples for relevant 1:1 customer interactions that catch customer attention and nudge them to make a purchase. These include how to :

  • Enable cross-channel engagement
  • Create seamless interactions with authentic assistance
  • Encompass the entire customer lifecycle
  • Engage shoppers in their current context
  • Predict customer purchases, preferences and more

Download this book to understand the power of AI-driven personalization and read strategies that you can use right away to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.