Unifying the Customer Experience with AI-Driven Customer Engagement

The cross-channel blending of shopping experiences that constitutes unified retail has rapidly become a core requirement for retailers. Customers expect a personalized, seamless brand experience across digital and physical commerce touchpoints.  However, retailers face challenges when it comes to providing a relevant and unified customer experience that meets the expectations of today’s ever-connected and increasingly sophisticated buyer.

Traditional approaches cannot keep pace with the need for continuous, real-time intelligence to provide the most relevant, in-context engagement for each and every visitor.

In this white paper, we explore:

  • How to blend a visitor’s web, mobile app, and in-store experience
  • Strategies to piece together real-time customer information via browsing history, location, cart contents, etc.
  • Techniques to enhance customer satisfaction, build loyalty and encourage new buying behaviors.

Download, “Unifying the Customer Experience with an AI-Driven Customer Engagement Platform” to learn how an ML-based CEH can increase your site’s conversion rate and better predict the types of offers to which your visitors are likely to respond.