Demo Series

In-The-Moment Personalization: Demo Series

As companies struggle to convert more of their visitors into customers, there is a need for a more accurate, insightful, and instant personalization solution. Also, an engagement platform should be up and running in less than 30 days and be AI-based, scalable, and easy-to-use.

Join us for a webinar demo to see how the ZineOne Intelligent Customer Engagement platform enables you to deliver individualized customer experiences in key moments that delight customers, foster loyalty, and increase revenue. Each episode of this demo series will go over use cases in a specific industry to cover how ZineOne enables businesses to:

  • Meet visitors where, when, and how they want to engage
  • Predict what visitors will do next between clicks
  • Use the in-session prediction to nudge visitors to the happy path

Best of all, ask questions directly to our product experts to best understand how ZineOne might fit your top use cases. With ZineOne, you have the ability to understand and respond in-the-moment with relevant 1:1 customer engagements to encourage desired outcomes.

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