In-the-Moment Personalization

Right Context, Right Message, Right Now.

Today’s businesses attract more than 100 million unique visitors to their sites every month. However, with online conversion rates at only 3%, converting casual browsers to actual customers can be a challenge.

The answer lies in delivering intelligent customer experiences that are personalized for customers’ needs, in that moment.

Intelligent customer engagement delivers personalized experiences based on the customer’s current interests, intent, and browsing pattern, combined with changes in
– product price,
– product availability,
– product popularity,
– shipping options, and more,

From Casual to Converted

Below are some personalized customer engagement strategies that are helping companies to successfully influence conversion by incentivizing shoppers based on:


If a customer has browsed a specific product for weeks without making a purchase, giving them a glimpse into the dwindling inventory of the item can be a very effective tactic to inspire a purchase. Messages like “Hurry, John! Only 2 left in stock,” add a sense of urgency to their current shopping experience while also demonstrating to would-be customers that this is a popular, fast-selling item worthy of their investment.


If a shopper’s browsing history reveals that they have been considering a product for some time without making a move to purchase, it may be time for a confidence boost. The potential customer is likely unsure of whether or not the item is right for their specific needs, or they may be stuck on the price. By delivering in-session customer engagement designed to enhance product confidence — “Jane, 12 people have purchased this item today,” or price confidence — “Tim: You save 15% during our limited time offer on men’s shoes,” retailers can take slow-shopping customers over the finish line faster.


No one wants to miss out on a great deal—especially if they know exactly how long they have before it’s gone. When a visitor has added items to their cart but has not yet successfully transacted, gamifying the shopping experience with a countdown is a highly-effective tactic. Customer engagement like “Kyle, order in the next 10 minutes for $10 off” makes shoppers feel empowered to quickly take advantage of an unexpected discount—and empowers retailers to drive online conversion.

Such relevant and in-the-moment interventions influence the customer’s buying behavior and increase the likelihood of a purchase. Click here to find out how.