Instant, predictive intelligence allows financial institutions to securely and reliably deliver effective customer engagement, drive transaction completion, increased engagement, while improving revenue and reducing margins.

The Zineone Platform is a versatile tool which enables us to deliver contextually relevant communication to our customers through our digital banking platform. The Zineone team has partnered very effectively with my organization in the process of integrating, testing, and usage of the platform for digital marketing operations

Head of Digital Marketing and Business in the Finance Industry

ZineOne’s Real-Time Marketing platform empowers financial institutions to effectively leverage next-gen financial applications that increase customer loyalty, sales, and value at scale in today’s cross-channel financial world.

Triggered Form Completion Reminders

Whether it’s a mortgage application, a new credit card, or a college savings plan, now you can remind your customers to pick up where they left off the next time they launch your app or when they drive past a local branch.

Proactively Detect and Respond to Customer’s Needs

Armed with user behaviour data, now you can identify and immediately respond to your customers needs such as multiple account balance checks and send proactive messaging to offer assistance.

Identify and Suggest Next Best Action

Increase cross-sell rate by showing personalized, timely hero messaging based on dynamic customer profiles.

Personalized Message Center

Improve customer experience and cross sell adoption by providing a real-time, centralized message center on any device or channel.

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Data Insights Fuel Hyper-Personalized Experiences for HDFC Bank

Learn how HDFC Bank, the largest private bank in India has partnered with ZineOne to achieve over 40% in credit card sign-ups and much more.

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