Drive top line revenue by personalizing the experiences of anonymous and known visitors using advanced AI / ML.

Customizing journeys, offers, and messaging no longer requires personally identifiable information (PII) to understand customer intent — making it possible to target the 90% of traffic that’s unknown. With ZineOne, the shoe always fits.

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“Through our partnership with ZineOne we’ve been able to achieve extremely positive results, almost immediately after we launched, in revenue as well as valuable insights into our customers’ behaviors.”

Stacey Eddy, Senior Director of eCommerce


Drive Conversions and Revenue

30% increase in conversion rate for on-the-fence shoppers drives higher online revenues. Top footwear brands working with ZineOne experience 12X return on their investment.

Contextual Targeting

ZineOne’s AI models predict purchase intent of every visitor within five clicks so you can adjust incentives for consumers who are on-the-fence and still deciding whether to fill their cart and checkout.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Use in-session marketing to incentivize consumers while they’re still active. More than half (57%) of shoppers increase their motivation to make a purchase if they’re able to redeem a coupon.

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Intelligent Realtime Offers

Replace margin-draining sitewide offers by either suppressing or presenting promotions based on a consumer’s purchase propensity in that moment, no need for historical data.

Hear how elite footwear brands succeed with ZineOne

Next-Gen Personalization

Whitepaper: Lift ecommerce performance with upgraded intelligence

Learn how a leading shoe retailer partnered with ZineOne to drive online conversions with personalized and relevant in-session marketing.

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