Deloitte estimates that 80% of shoppers have used a digital device to browse or research grocery products, and 29% of grocery consumers have tried products based on online recommendations or reviews.


Digital is the new center of the grocery experience Grocery stores and supermarkets must find ways to meet rapidly changing customer behavior and expectations in the face of heightened competition from both convenience stores and big-box retailers. For these companies, the path to differentiation is incorporating digital.

There is so much more personalization that can be done in terms of, how do we engage them, how do we reward them. How do you personalize based on predictive analysis is becoming more important for what is required of you.

Roopa Acharya, Vice President of Software Engineering, Albertsons

Digital marketing leaders need agile and innovative ways to engage new and existing customers and to realign their marketing and selling strategy with the changes in the market and consumer behavior.

Instant Intelligent Coupon Allocation

With hundreds of possible coupons and infinite combinations of customers, local events and weather conditions, now you can instantly allocate and present each customer with the coupons they are most likely to redeem.

Trigger Coupon Reminders Upon Arrival In Store

As soon as your customer enters your parking lot, remind them of coupons, rewards and specials to improve their experience and increase their cart size when they shop.

Increase Traffic to Physical Stores

Stop by and visit! Increase store traffic by providing coupon expiry reminders or inventory alerts to your customers as they drive near your store during their prefered local shopping time.

Personalize Addon Items for Shop and Go

Just one more thing before you go … Recommend a personalized list of suggested addon items as your shoppers interact with Shop and Go in your app.

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